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Single – October 2019

Here Comes Johnny
Single – August 2019

Here Comes Johnny
Album – 2019

Mr President
Single – 2016

Album - 2015

The Common Soldier
Single – 2013

Medication Blues
Album - 2013

Johnny One Eye
EP - 2012

Johnny One Eye are a British three piece band active since September 2012, consisting of lead vocalist and lead guitarist, Mark Oneye, bassist Stuart Oneye, drummer John Oneye. The band began with Mark and John and a set of American style blues covers and, in mid 2012, they were joined by Stuart as bass player. They play within the Americana genre, encompassing dark country rock, blues and rockabilly. Despite their East of England origins, their original music is infused with strains of Southern Rock, Texas blues and heavier influences. Their lyrics, about popular elements of American iconography and culture, as well as political and socially conscious topics including the Vietnam War, often containing the ever present character 'Johnny One Eye', an alter ego through which the band explain their take on all the contentious issues dealt with in their music.

The band currently have three albums and two singles in their catalogue. The first album, their debut, called 'Medication Blues' released in 2013. This was followed by 'Dirty' in 2015. It was not until their latest offering that the band had found 'their sound'. This being the third album, 'Here Comes Johnny' released in January 2019. This release has so far garnered radio airplay on the B.B.C. and internet radio. The singles are, 'The Common Soldier' (2013) and 'Mr President' (2016). The second of which was released on the Presidential Inauguration Day of Donald Trump, and is a sideways look at the office of President of The United States. A typically 'Johnny' lyric, delving into the dark underbelly of western civilisation.

The latest news is that the band are now collaborating with 'The Animal Farm' in London (a record deal!!!) recording new material. Three newly recorded songs are due for release soon.

Due to a change in distributor, the band's back catalogue will available to stream again on all reputable streaming sites soon. The first of these tracks is 'Armageddon Boogie' from our latest album 'Here Comes Johnny'.
To book Johnny One Eye for gigs (at your venue), interviews or appearances, please go to the Contact Us page and complete the form there. Our management minions will get back to you as soon as they can (apparently they are very busy with the new album release!!!).
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