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Check out where we're gonna be. If you cant find something near to you then book us up.

Book the Johnny One Eye, supercharged, diesel powered, rock 'n' roll, rhythm 'n' blues experience for your pub, club, venue or private function, then get down to the bottom of this page where you can find every thing you're gonna need.

Cheers, Johnny.....
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Saturday 14th

- The Griffin, Isleham. Start 9.00pm.
Saturday 4th

- The Globe, Clare. Start 9.00pm.
Saturday 18th

- LAZFEST, Sudbury. Start 1.00pm. Tickets £15.
   Johnny One Eye set time: 2.00pm to 3.00pm
   We are the openning act of this fund raising festival, being held at
   Delphi Social Club in Sudbury. Find out more details and book tickets
   at the festival website.

Saturday 29th

- The Griffin, Isleham. Start 9.00pm.
Saturday 13th

- The Grapes, Cambridge. Start 9.00pm.
Saturday 29th

- The Med, Cambridge. Start 9.00pm.
Sunday 1st

- The Greyhound, Cambridge. Start 5.00pm.
Beer Festival......
Saturday 4th

- The Griffin, Isleham. Start 9.00pm.
New dates forthcoming - watch this space!

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Book the Johnny One Eye, supercharged, diesel powered, rock 'n'roll, rhythm 'n' blues experience for your pub, club, venue or private function.

Our standard covers set is based around two sets of 45 minutes with a break in between. But you can have almost anything that suits your needs. More sets, or sets of a different length. Put all this information in the box when you email. There is a sample setlist, as well as a download our current demo package. As for the music, you can hear our entire back catalogue on the 'Redneck Radio' audio player (on the home page) as well as amazin' videos on that thar YouTube. Also, check out our full public liabilty insurance, held with The Alliance of Musicians and Performers.

For all you hardcore dudes out there, we do a full originals set, made up from songs out of our back catalogue, as well as new stuff. (New album is a comin').

To book the band for your pub, club or event, please contact us via the Contact Us page. Please include the following information, as this will make the booking process faster and easier;

1) Contact name
2) Contact phone number
3) Contact email address
4) The date your are booking for
5) The name and address of the venue
6) Your requirements (e.g. number and length of sets)
7) As much extra information as you feel will be useful.

We will usually contact you, by phone or e-mail, within 48 hours of reciept of your enquiry.

Mr. President
Takin' Care Of Business

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Please go to the 'FREEBIES' page in the webstore to order a free download copy of the band's demo package.

Check if this Act has current & valid Public Liability Insurance with The Alliance of Musicians & Performers
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