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Sat 20 JAN 2018. 9.00pm
The Griffin, Isleham, Cambridgeshire.

Sat 27 JAN 2018. 9.00pm
The Globe, Clare, Suffolk.

Sat 03 FEB 2018. 9.00pm
The Grapes, Cambridge, Cambridgeshire.

Sat 05 MAY 2018.
Private Function, Halstead, Essex.

Sat 09 JUN 2018. 9.00pm
The Griffin, Isleham, Cambridgeshire.

Sat 01 SEP 2018. 9.00pm
The Griffin, Isleham, Cambridgeshire.


'All hail the mighty Johnny One Eye. The all new single, 'MR. PRESIDENT', will been on release from 20th January for a super download price of 0.99GBP from Johnny's Music Shack (download only) and on download from iTunes, Amazon, and all good online stores. To be released on Presidential Inauguration Day and is dedicated to the President-elect and all his predecessors who have had the bloody cheek to claim that they represent the people... and not just America, but to all the leaders, democratic or not, across the world who think they know what is right for us. What the hell are they thinking!!! I love America. It's just the likes of Mr.T and all his elitist buddies who really get me going, all the politicians across the world, unthinking, uncaring and all out for themselves. Check out the track at Redneck Radio and the video on YouTube, give them all the one-fingered salute and join the revolution. Johnny One Eye is comin for ya!!!!!!!!'

Big Mouth Tex - D.J. - Redneck Radio.

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Mr. President
Takin' Care Of Business

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page in the webstore to order a free download copy of the band's demo package.

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Greetings to all you followers of supercharged redneck Rhythm and Blues. Sign up now for a Johnny One Eye membership and get a FREE download track.

The office minions will then deposit a Gift Certificate worth 0.99GBP in your account, which can be redeemed against any single download track that is in Johnny's back catalogue. The Gift Certificate will remain on your account until you close the account (hope you don't!), or until ten years have elapsed, or you spend it (soon!!).

Please check out our Privacy Notice and Conditions Of Use and rest assured the office minions do not share personal data with any third parties and will only use the data you provide to contact you with information about Johnny One Eye (new gigs, recordings and the like).

Oh yeah, now go and buy the bloody album. I'll be watchin'....

Johnny One Eye. (21/05/2017)

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* The new Album is a comin' *

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The great, long awaited (as yet untitled) follow up album to the worldwide selling 'DIRTY' is on its way. The new album will be thought provokin', controversial, and bloody great in every way. New songs a-plenty digging into the dark recesses of humanity and big kick up the ass fuck you to all those elitist, power hungry assholes who think we are there to do their bidding. Get your guidebook and make your way to the nearest exit and join the revolution. Contact the warehouse minions to reserve your copy now. To be priced at 7.99GBP.

Its imminent arrival is heralded by the single release 'MR. PRESIDENT' (check out the video on YouTube), out on download on 20th January 2017 (price 0.99GBP), Presidential Inauguration day in the U.S., and is dedicated especially to president-elect Trump and several of his predecessors... Keep an eye out on (REDNECK RADIO) for release, you can hear it here first.

So heres to long nights of Music, Beer and Johnny-jinks, recording sessions and drinking through the night, destination oblivion. Keep an eye here for news and check out Facebook for on the go happenings. So to all you diesel powered, pick-up truck Johnny redneck rebels, stay tuned to Redneck Radio and catch us out there, on the road, somewhere near you, may you get all you deserve this comin' new year.

Oh yeah, go out and buy the bloody album. I'll be watchin'.

Johnny One Eye. (10/02/2017)

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